Diabetes and oral health by Sudanese Childhood Diabetes Association­ youth office


Sudanese Childhood Diabetes Association­ youth office,

hosts a program to celebrate WORLD ORAL HEALTH

DAY on MARCH 20 , aims to raise awareness about

diabetes in general and it influence in oral health. Oral

health program targets children, parents, community

and dentist students. The event will cover each

program in separate program which will be coverd in 3 days from 20 to 22 of March The program consist of three days as follow:

Day 1: an online awareness infographic will be posted in

Sudanese Childhood Diabetes Association’s social media


Day 2: awareness galleries and 2 sessions will be held in

SCDA’s garden, aims to raise awareness in dental hygiene

and other dental related to diabetes issue to the children and

their parents.

Day 3: for the dental students and interested dentists, a

symposium will held in SCDA’s conference hall which will

educate and cover the relation between diabetic and


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