World Oral Health Day Campaign by the Russian Dental Association 2021


The Russian Dental Association (RDA) is organising a large campaign to raise awareness of the importance of oral health among the population holding a social media campaign by circulating information on WOHD and the importance of maintaining good oral health to be “proud of your mouth”.

As a part of continuing educational campaign, the Volunteer Dental student’s associations together with dental hygienists under the supervision of university staff are visiting schools to give lessons to primary school children to help them improve their oral health, as well as being trained in tooth brushing. This year due to epidemic restrictions these activities are going to be held in a hybrid format.

To reaching vulnerable population groups, dental students will give oral hygiene education for Down Syndrom children at the DaunsideUp centre in Moscow, both in person and by using distance learning techniques.

A hybrid format round table discussion with RDA representatives, decision making authorities including the Chief Dental Officer of Russia, representatives of the Universities and regional dental associations are going to be organised to cover the most important questions regarding the improvement of oral health care for the population of all ages.